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We've just released documentator. documentator is like capistrano-af83, but for documentation. The idea is the same: not to redo the same thing over and over again on each project.

documentator has one primary goal: having better docs on our projects.


The rubygems way:

gem install documentator

Or with bundler, add it to your Gemfile:

group :development do
  gem "documentator"


Commands should be used from the root directory of the current project.


bootstrap provides a minimal set of documentation files. Those are empty, and they must be written for each project. The content is specific to each project:

  • What's the architecture? (providing a ditaa schema will earn you some extra karma points)
  • Dependencies?
  • Environnements?

As a treat, bootstrap generates a Gemfile in project/doc which includes Guide'em up. Guide'em up can be used to preview markdown file in a browser.

bundle exec documentator bootstrap

Importing templates

import provides templates for common documentation that should be the same from one project to another. Installing ElasticSearch is basically always the same. If there are projet specific particularities, you can always add them here.

Since version 0.1.0, documentator supports internationalization.

bundle exec documentator list
bundle exec documentator list fr
bundle exec documentator list en
bundle exec documentator import fr elasticsearch


YES. We want contributions. Pull-requests are welcome !

  • Adding a bootstrap file is done by adding a file to lib/documentator/bootstrap.
  • Adding a templates file is done by adding a file to lib/documentator/templates.

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