Writing a blog post – 101 Introductory Class

Recently I was asked to contribute to the devblog… Since I don’t code, Bruno suggested I’d talk about how to write nice content. So here are a few pieces of advice for your blog articles:

Find something to talk about where you actually have something to say – yes, you do have one: feedback on tools, languages, events you attended, opinion on methodologies, cool stuff you just coded, questions for the community…

Start with an MVP, that is to say your idea plus the main points, and only then begin writing up. Don’t be afraid of refactoring, you probably won’t say it the way you want to on the first draft.

KISS and DRY doesn’t only apply only to code. You’re not writing a novel, and there’s no reward for the longest post on the internet. So go straight to the point, and don’t lose your reader in phrases that look like paragraphs.

If it keeps being too long, maybe you’re trying to fit too much information in your message: use packets, and break it in smaller parts with indications for the reader to retrieve the other parts of the message.

Respect the language conventions so your post will be parsed correctly: grammar, syntax, spelling… You do it for programs why not for your visitor?

Run tests with willing proofreaders, there’s always bugs you won’t have spotted.

Keep practicing; you didn’t become a code ninja in a single night…

These best practices may seem obvious… But unfortunately they are not always implemented (yes, we all have some bad reading experiences in mind…), so let’s try and use them.

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