2012 - New year, new devblog

Happy new year!

2012 is here and you can see the new version of our devblog. After Wordpress and Drupal, it is now powered by Jekyll, a static site generator.

Why this change?

The Drupal instance was not really well maintained but the main reason was to have a devblog that looks more like us. We cherish minimalism and carefully chosen features, and not tons of things that someone thought it might be useful but finally, nobody uses. So, even if this version of the devblog still lacks a good theme and some features, it better reflects us and it will be a good base for progressive improvements.

In the last days of 2011, we discussed a lot about our vision of the devblog. The Lean Startup is a trending topic (it deserves its own post but for the moment, you can refer to the wikipedia page for more informations about it), and one of its core principle is the Build-Measure-Learn cycle (again, we should publish a post about it). For the devblog, we formulated 4 hypotheses with a way to measure where we are for each of them:

1. Writers' motivation

In 2011, we were nearly 40 people who had the possibility to write on the devblog. 10 of us wrote at least one post but only 3 were regular contributors. So for 2012 we hope to enlarge our diversity of writers and aim to have 12 writers within the next 6 months, and 6 of them publishing more than one post.

2. Regular publications

In 2011, we wrote 43 posts, so it's about 3.5 posts per month. Not bad, but it means that there were some weeks with no new posts. Our goal is to have 2 posts per week by 15th February.

3. Interested readers

With a regular flow of new posts, it seems logical to have more readers, particularly if the contents are interesting, informative and enlightening. Google analytics says we have about 5,000 page views per month. We want to double this figure: reach 10,000 page views per month by 1st June.

4. Good feedbacks

Our last hypothesis is that if we success on our first 3 goals, our fame will increase. We don't find a metric that satisfies us, so don't hesitate to post a comment if you have a suggestion for us. For the moment, we will count the number of emails we receive that spoke of the devblog. 1 email per week mentioning the devblog by 1st June is our target.

And of course this new devblog is our MVP (Minimum Viable Product). So expect some updates about the progress on our path to these goals, and I hope you'll enjoy reading this devblog in 2012.

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