FOSDEM 2011: af83 and U.C.Engine was there!

Fosdem 2011, Opening

What kind of event can gather Free Software developers, geeks, and the best of belgium beers at the same place? The answer is FOSDEM of course !

And as we really love these three "ingredients" at af83, we couldn't stay in Paris for the week-end, right?

As usual there were many talks in parallel and it was sometimes hard to decide between those, especially when interesting talks fill up rooms in seconds letting you on the wrong side of the door.

This year, a lot of noticeable things happened:

  • Eben Moglen was present an made a great talk to explain « why political liberty depends on software freedom more than ever ».
  • A new Libre Office stand appeared, which was not so far from the Open Office one (we didn't see them fighting each others though).
  • Squeeze, the new stable version of Debian was released.
  • All the FOSDEM videos are currently avaible in the WebM format.

The U.C.Engine team was here too. I made a lightning-talk about our pretty awesome real-time framework (don't forget to checkout the slides). I hope it excited present developers and encouraged them to dig further in the young but promising ecosystem of U.C.Engine.

After 2 days of conferences and a beer event we all returned to Paris, tired but happy :)

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