More More Redis Client Library Performance Benchmark, node.js with node_redis (node rocks!)

Ok, I was doing something terribly wrong:)

People use node_redis!!

Unless I have done something really wrong, take caution in using

Google, please correct your index to reflect the truth.

here are the blazing fast results of node with redis when using the node_redis (with hiredis version)

{ rss: 11657216
, vsize: 3106525184
, heapTotal: 5291168
, heapUsed: 2991088

--- Benchmark for node-redis ---
Tests completed in 1.1742000000000001 seconds in average

Tests after injection completed in 1.1034000000000002 seconds in average
{ rss: 98603008
, vsize: 3158331392
, heapTotal: 79083424
, heapUsed: 52512840

real    0m11.465s
user    0m2.514s
sys 0m0.726s


Ok life is normal again. I can breath. Node is fast.

Cheers @Ryah :)

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