Back to the 2010: This is not only about Javascript


Because Javascript was born in a browser, its ecosystem is complex. It has many neighbours, which it must interact with, and which for some of them has been addressed during the 2010. This neighbourhood.js includes:

  • HTML5 (including Videos, Canvas, Geolocation, Files API, Persistent storage, History API, Canvas, WebGL, WebSockets, WebWorkers (ok here we are more on core JS), postMessage‚Ķ);
  • Fully browser side application;
  • CSS (2 or 3);
  • Semantic Web.

This list might not be exhaustive (there were usually two talks during the same slot, so I could not follow all of them), but this is what I saw: a lot of HTML5 related stuff, some "in the browser application" talks, one speech about CSSs (excluding visualization/others related talks which incidentally spoke about CSS), and one about Semantic Web (and licensing).

So at a JSConf, one learn about Javascipt, but one also learn a lot about browser related stories and tools. As for myself, I really appreciated the talks from Nicole Sullivan (CSS Lint for Massives Sites), and Rebecca Murphy (the jQuery Divide) because both of them highlighted the need to use some engineering methodology on things which might have been considered as "second class citizens" for a long time: CSSs and [small] Javascript snippets (usually coded using jQuery).

In a broader way, this kind of conference shows the world that the web is not "easy": it embraces many concepts and technologies, and getting it right might not be as easy as one could thing. It also tells IT directors (the ones in old fashion industries - not at AF83), that putting the right resources of theses activities is important, and no, don't "choose jQuery so that DB people will be able to hack the frontend from time to time", and yes, promoteJS!

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