Back to the 2010: Microsoft pushes IE9, Douglas Crockford ask whether it must die or not

Last week-end, three devs of AF83 were at the Bruno already told you about Promote.js. Let's talk about IE9.

Microsoft was a sponsor of the event, and as such was granted a nice slot to make a talk: just before Brendan Eich, with no presentation in parallel. The presentation was mostly about Chakra, the IE9 Javascript engine. I won't give too much details about the talk, I guess you can imagine: it was eulogistic. Beside the praises Pete Le Page gave to IE9, this talk was also for them the occasion to place two messages: try IE9 and help Microsoft building their next browser (by reporting bugs mainly), help Microsoft kill IE6 (for IE7, IE8 or better: IE9).

At the end of the talk, Microsoft was giving away USB storage devices with IE9 on it and a bunch of videos about IE9. I can't talk about the videos since they were in WMV format, nor can I about IE9, since you need Windows Vista or 7 to try it. Microsoft folks however gave Apple fans the advise to install it in a VirtualMachine… What Have I learn during this presentation ? There is no release plan for IE9.

The interesting part came the morning after: Douglas Crockford wrote at the end of its presentation that IE6/IE7/IE8 must die, because of their incorrect implementations of the JS language (well, maybe for other reasons as well). Douglas Crockford also seriously asked if IE9 must die. It seems the attitude of Microsoft with the standards in their new browser is the reason, and the question is raised in order to maintain some pressure on Microsoft so that they do the work seriously (this is my interpretation thought). Pete Le Page said afterwards something such as: "We go as close [the standards?] as possible, go test IE9 and provide your feedback".

Of course the 2010 was not only about IE9, and there are other parts of the conf that we might want to talk in a recent future, but I believe the implication of Microsoft to push IE9 is interesting enough to be reported (they also gave away IE9 post-its during the conf).


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