af83 FTW

Brendan Eich is an incredible conference about Javascript, client-side and server-side, in Berlin. Great place, free drinks, really cool parties, awesome coffee, very interesting talks, but the more important, a very nice community.

I won't summarize the presentations (hey, you should have come, and the videos are coming), but just want to highlight some facts.

First, the javascript suffers of a bad reputation. We can explain it by a lot of reasons (the DOM is a mess, javascript was slow as hell years ago, lots of people try to do some scripts by copy/paste without learning the basics…). It's time to change that, and there were some propositions at the One of them is to have a community site that is the first result on google (instead of wikipedia and Java stuff now). Of course, this site should have an up-to-date documentation with examples that show the good practices (I don't say the good parts of javascript, but it's the idea). This proposition is Promotejs:

JavaScript JS Documentation: JS Number Example: Using the Number object to assign values to numeric variables, JavaScript Number Example: Using the Number object to assign values to numeric variables

On a near subject, it's also a good thing to have a community and meetups in the real life. I think we should do that on Paris. If you are interested by that, ping me on post a comment.

Last, you should try the new JS framework: vapor.js. In just 0 lines, it provides nothing!

More to come about on this devblog…

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