Whyday: zsh completion scripts for RVM and bundler

For the Whyday, I've hacked two ZSH scripts for completion of RVM and bundler 1.0. You can find them on my dotfile repository on github: and

To install them, you can put these 2 files in $HOME/.zsh/Completion (create this directory if it doesn't exist), and add it to fpath by adding this line to your .zshrc:

fpath=(~/.zsh/Completion $fpath)

A quick example of completion:

% bundle install --[TAB][TAB]
--binstubs    -- generate bin stubs for bundled gems to ./bin
--deployment  -- install using defaults tuned for deployment environments
--frozen      -- do not allow the Gemfile.lock to be updated after this install
--gemfile     -- use the specified gemfile instead of Gemfile
--local       -- do not attempt to connect to
--no-color    -- disable colorization in output
--path        -- specify a different path than the system default
--quiet       -- only output warnings and errors
--system      -- install to the system location
--without     -- exclude gems that are part of the specified named group

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