Launch of ErrorNot (English version)


we are pleased to announce that ErrorNot is now officially available for download. ErrorNot allows you to catch any errors sent accross your multiple projects (errors you forgot to catch) and send them through our API in order to have them centralized in one web interface.

ErrorNot is a Ruby open source project and takes a leaf out of HopToad.

We first introduced this project last month during a Monday Workshop. Since then, we've been finalizing a v1, working on the documentation, adding screenshots and developping libraries of notifiers for Ruby (Rails or or Rack), Php and Python (WSGI or logging handler). You can also develop additional libraries for any other languages so your favorite projects can also report errors in ErrorNot.

You will find a demo site on . You can send errors there using the libraries available in the following locations.

ErrorNot is downloadable on GitHub :

Notifier libraries are available in:




Feel free to send us any feedback on the project. Thank you and enjoy ErrorNot :)

Login page : Page de connexion

Click "Read more" for more screenshots

List of your projects in ErrorNot: List of projects

List of errors caught in ErrorNot: List of errors

Display the details of an error: Error details

Customize the notification parameters for each project : Customize notification parameters

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