af83 redesign sprint in Paris redesign sprint

February 9th 2009

Drupal.Org redesign sprintFor a week some of the best Drupal developers around with are meeting in Paris to continue the redesign sprint. AF83 helped to organize and finance the expedition.At the Paris sprint, participants will start implementing Mark Boulton's redesign on D6. Though it will take longer than this week to do, we plan to be well on our way by week's end. Gábor Hojtsy, Gerhard Killesreiter, Damien Tournoud, Neil Drumm, Joeri Poesen, Robert Douglass and Dries Buytaert have committed to attend, and many others are considering it.

If you speak french you can hear our own Damien's interview by Jean-Baptiste Ingold on the Sprint….

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