The redesign: follow a major site redesign in real time

The site is being redesigned and redeveloped from scratch as we speak. The Drupal Association has hired Mark Boulton and his team to work with the community and come up with a complete redesign.

The interesting thing is that the entire process is open to everyone so you can follow along each step of the way.

Let me repeat that: you can follow along each step of the way! It doesn't get any more interesting than this, and I can't image there's a more thorough, detailed case study to be found anywhere on the web.

Here's a partial list of some interesting stuff in there:

More info:

And for those of you who managed to pay attention until the end: here's a little bonus - slides and video of Rasmus Lerdorf's interesting talk at Drupalcon on benchmarking and optimization of PHP applications.

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