DrupalCampParis2 was great !

We had a really great camp at the Cantine on April 19th. More then 80 persons came from your friendly neighborhood drupal rockstar to people who just wanted to see what the fuss was all about. Great sessions and realy good atmosphere.

I'd really like to thank all those that came. First all of the French guys that were really cool about having the sessions in English so all of our international guests would be able to participate!

Then special Kudos to the Krimson guys and especially Joeri who did 3 sessions of introduction to Drupal, that people simply loved! And lastly to the Drupal Core guys that came from all over the planet to hold the testing sprint and were nice enough to participate in some of the sessions and do a very informative sesssion on how to write tests for Drupal.

When I find time I will make a more detailed write up. So people if you have videos, session notes or photos please post them on your respective Blogs flickr Tags (drupalcampparis2) and such.

This whole thing started at the Boston DrupalCon.. so for those that weren't there …. and as a tribute, here is a short video of the Code Sprint at the MIT Stata Center on March 7th 2008 …

Drupal Code Sprint MIT Stata Center

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