PHP class to embed youtube, dailymotion and google video, extensible to other services with a simple configuration file (valid x

I looked for a nice clean class implementation in PHP for embedding videos from youtube and such and could not find anything that was nice enough. So here is my take on embedding videos in php. As the embed code is reconstructed it should be safe enough put probably some more checks need to be done after extracting the id to see there is nothing hostile there.

Configuration: This class requires the SpyC library to read the cobnfiguration file. The library is assumed to be in the SITEBASE/include/yaml/ directory.

define('SITEBASE', '/var/www/mysite'); // path to the root of the site (not forcefully public)
define('VIDEO_EMBED_CONFIG_FILE', SITEBASE.'/config/video_embed.yaml'); //path of video embed config file
define('DEBUG', true); //to activate debug mode and false for production usage. it will write to a log file when something goes wrong but should not produce exceptions in production enviroment

USAGE note: The embed code may either be embed or url

$videoEmbed = new VideoEmbed($embed); //optional width and height may be passed to the constructor
$videoEmbed->width = 240; // resize
$videoEmbed->height = 120;
print($videoEmbed->embed); // resized video
print($videoEmbed->thumb); // get thumb url

the other public properties are: ->id, ->type, ->url, ->width and ->height note that magic getters and setters are used to make ->id, ->type, ->url read only

TODO: thumbnails should be cached locally TODO: Create unit tests (for the moment test_VideoEmbed(); does some testing)

The video services are configured in the configuration file (video_embed.yaml), form:

embedTemplate: default embed template
defaultWidth: default width
defaultHeight: default height
        urlPattern: pattern to distinguis between services
        embedUrlTemplate: template (used with sprintf) for construvting the player url
        thumbnailUrlTemplate: template to find thumnbail by video ID (used with sprintf)
        thumbnailUrlExtractPattern: if present the thumbnailUrlTemplate is assumed to be a text resource, and this is a regexp to extract the thumnbail from it
        extractPattern: regexp pattern to extract
        apiUrl: api url (not used for the currently supported services)
        defaultWidth: service default width
        defaultHeight: service default height
        embedTemplate: specific embed template (not used for the current supported services)

Example configuration file for google video youtube and dailymotion (if you configure it for other services please post the config)… :)

embedTemplate: <object width="%2$s" height="%3$s" ><param name="movie" value="%1$s"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="%1$s" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="%2$s" height="%3$s"></embed></object>
defaultWidth: 425
defaultHeight: 350
        extractPattern: /youtube\.com\/(v\/|watch\?v=)([\w\-]+)/
        defaultWidth: 425
        defaultHeight: 350
        extractPattern: /docid=([^&]*)/i
        thumbnailUrlExtractPattern: '/<media:thumbnail url="([^"]+)/'
        defaultWidth: 400
        defaultHeight: 326
        extractPattern: '#/video/([a-zA-Z0-9]+)[^a-zA-Z0-9]#'
        defaultWidth: 425
        defaultHeight: 350

And here is the code :Complete class code with readme and configuration file

The code referes to a debug function, you can use:

function debug_log($msg, $file = "debug")
    $dbg = "";
    if (SITE != '[PROD]') {
        $bts = debug_backtrace();
        foreach($bts as $bt) {
            $path = str_replace(SITEBASE, '', $bt ['file']);
            $dbg .= $path . " line " . $bt['line'] . " (function " . $bt['function'] . ")\n";
        $handle = fopen(SITEBASE . "/../log/{$file}.log", "a");
        fwrite($handle, strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S  ") . $dbg . $msg . "\n------------------\n");

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