af83 @ Google Developer Day 2007 in Paris

af83's very own Ori Pekelman, Clément Hallet and Louis Montagne will be hosting cool workshops at the Google Developer Day 2007 event here in Paris, on May 31st.

Ori and Clément will discuss the development of an event-scheduling tool to be used during electoral campaigns, based on our experience developing the one used by the French Socialist Party for this year's presidential race, during the Atelier Google Maps API - Outil de campagne politique ( workshop. This smart tool mashes up Google Maps with Phorum for authentication and sends invitation email to all people located in the region where the event will be held.

Louis, together with Benoît Sibaud, will host a workshop on Open Source and Google Maps API about the ongoing effort to build the application that will help manage co-working spaces, which is a rapidly growing network of "non-offices-nor-homes" (pardon my French) for developers and independents around the world. The workshop's name is Atelier OpenSource & Google Maps API - Réseau mondial de bureaux pour développeurs (Projet Coworking).

We'll do our best to share our experience at Google Developer Day with those of you who won't attend. In the meanwhile, if you are interested in any of the mentioned subjects don't hesitate do shoot questions and comments.

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